Sorting And Grading

We have staff sorting and grading around the clock. Since it is a human process it isn't perfect but we achieve a very low defect rate! You can expect only 4%-6% defect rate on grading. Used Clothes Grade "A" Summer Mix Sorting and Grading:

Bright Colors
Limited Wear
No Tears
o holes 60% Women 40% men
Sizes from Age 13 - Adult
Sizes from Age 13 - Adult

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The global industry of Second Hand Worn Apparels, clothing and recycled textiles expands is rapid way. With the changing fashion and style people always like to go with the flow, right from their birth a person wants to look good and for having a good look and personality clothing plays a very important role. If we talk about another aspect with fast growing children they rarely find their old cloth fit to their body. These are the reasons why worn clothing wholesale industry running with the pace. Click here to know more on Supplier used Clothing.